Staff Directory

Pastor Duane Miller

Transitional Lead Pastor
402-721-2959 x15

Deacon Kristin Johnson

Deacon of Faith Formation
402-721-2959 x18

Deacon Karen Melang

Director of FirstCare
402-721-2959 x21

Wendy Grosse

Director of Administration
402-721-2959 x11

Tami Hall

Director of Hospitality
402-721-2959 x12

Joy Jensen

Music and Drama Specialist

Kris Lindgren

Small Group Coordinator

Mindy Olson

Director of Early Learning Center
402-721-2959 x36

Becky Poppe

Director of Publications
402-721-2959 x10

Rod Parker

Director of Maintenance
402-721-2959 x30

Heidi Richmond

Director of First Third Ministries
402-721-2959 x23

Amy Spies

Director of Worship Arts
402-721-2959 x22