From there to here

First Lutheran has a great and wonderful history of getting from there to here. It all began in people’s homes  
 in the early 1880’s and would eventually become an organized church in 1885. The people of First Lutheran have always been open to what God is doing and what God wants to do. Moving from there to here always entailed risk, sacrafice, and above all, faith. The greatest risk was not to risk at all and so it was…. First Lutheran would move to four different locations in the city of Fremont. Each time, the facility would prove to be unable to contain the ministry and vision and the people of First Lutheran.   

On Palm Sunday, April 9, 2006, First Lutheran folks walked from the church on Lincoln street to its new building on 3200 East Military. Today we gather and worship in a new facility on 30+ acres of land. There is alot of energy,  momentum, and excitment for the future. First Lutheran’s history is a great, great story of how we got from there to here….