Grades 7-8

Grades 7-8



The purpose of confirmation is designed to learn about God’s love and grace for us in the person of Jesus! God, in the waters of baptism, gets to us! God is the first one on the scene announcing that we are named and claimed as God’s own. 

A time of teaching has always been attached to the sacrament of Baptism. In fact, when our young people are confirmed, we mark the day as an Affirmation of our Baptism. We are affirming the relationship that God has already established when we were baptized! We will, during these years of Confirmation, explore the Bible, ask faithful questions, experience a caring community, have fun, and learn what it means to follow Jesus.

Our teaching will be large and small group based, experiential in nature, and service oriented. We will explore the biblical story and seek to find our story in the midst of God’s story. Here is the rhythm of our 7th and 8th grade years of Confirmation. 

First Year – New Testament/Baptism/Communion

Second Year – Old Testament/Martin Luther/Apostles Creed ~ Lord’s Prayer

Confirmation Camp – Faith stories…

What do Wednesday Nights look like?

  • Wednesday Night Meal is served between 5:15-6:15
  • Confirmation class begins promptly at 7:00
  • Large group teaching between 7:00-7:30
  • Small Groups between 7:30-8:00

Our confirmation students have the opportunity to participate in retreats and summer camp.

Please contact Heidi Richmond at or call the church office at 402-721-2959.


ZOE!! is a music and drama ministry for area middle school youth of all faiths. The group rehearses in the spring and tours in early June. Since 1999, hundreds of students from dozens of area churches have participated in this touring production, which brings the light and love of Christ’s word to hundreds of individuals through song and drama. Contact Amy Spies at, if you have any questions about this ministry.


Puppet Ministry

Our Hands of Faith puppet ministry is for kids in the 5th-8th grades. They bring the Gospel story to our faith community throughout the school year using puppets, sits, music, and wonderful messages.Contact Amy Spies at, if you have any questions about this ministry.