The Story

The Story is a 31-week preaching and teaching series that invites our congregation to trace the grand narrative of God from Genesis to Revelation. It is a rare opportunity that we can make our way through the whole Bible, the whole year, and with the whole congregation. First Lutheran will be blessed by this experience!

Large Groups are meeting each week to discuss each chapter as we move through The Story.  Anyone is welcome to join one of these large groups.
Wednesdays at Noon for a light lunch and study (Room MC105)
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm (Room MC104)
Sundays at 9:15 and 10:30 am (Rooms 147/148)

Devotions to go along with each chapter are provided below.

Chapter 1
The Beginning of Life As We Know It
Chapter 2
God Builds a Nation
Chapter 3
Joseph: From Slavery to Deputy Pharaoh
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
New Commands and A New Covenant
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
The Battle Begins
Chapter 8
A Few Good Men…and Women
Chapter 9
The Faith of a Foreign Woman
Chapter 10
Standing Tall, Falling Hard
Chapter 11
From Shepherd to King
Chapter 12
The Trials of a King
Chapter 13
The King Who Had It All
Chapter 14
God’s Messengers
Chapter 15
The Beginning of The End
Chapter 16
The Kingdoms’ Fall
Chapter 17
Daniel in Exile
Chapter 18
The Return Home
Chapter 19
The Return Home
Chapter 20
The Queen of Beauty and Courage
Chapter 21
Rebuilding the Walls
Chapter 22
The Birth of the King
Chapter 23
Jesus’ Ministry Begins
Chapter 24
No Ordinary Man
Chapter  25
Jesus, Son of God
Chapter 26
The Hour of Darkness
Chapter 27
The Resurrection
Chapter 28
New Beginnings
Chapter 29
Paul’s Mission
Chapter 30
Paul’s Final Days
Chapter 31
The End of Time