9 Books in 9 Months

Our preaching/teaching series 9 Books in 9 Months had us reading nine books of the Bible in nine months!

During these 9 months we sought to become a biblically fluent community of faith. It called for our commitment. It called for our perseverance. It called us along a journey of discovery.

It takes 9 months to birth a child. 9 months. This next year was a labor of loveā€¦ and a continued celebration of how we have been named and claimed as a child of God. If you missed any of these study opportunities, please feel free to download them now.

9 Books in 9 Months!

Download these study sheets to use at home or in a small group.

Isaiah (no study sheets)John1 Corinthians

During May, Pastor Lowell provided some daily thoughts on the book of Revelation. Take a look at these here.

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